Electric Vehicle Energy Solutions


Hybrid UltraCapcitor (HUC) Solutions

  • Game Changer Technology
  • Ultra-capacitors & Battery Balancing kits
  • Built in Power Management system
  • Cell Level Monitoring
  • Double the Power at Half the Size
  • Reduced Weight – Increased Efficiency
  • Prototype tests & Regulatory underway
  • Ready to Market soon


Battery Solutions

  • Go-to-market partner for integrated battery balancing solutions
  • Extends life of batteries by 2x or more
  • Compact Design – can fit in any existing battery compartments
  • Easy to install
  • Available for 2 and 3 wheelers (Lead Acid)
  • Prototype tests underway for 4 wheelers & Lithium Ion batteries
  • Our Kit:
    • Leverages load & avoids heat build up
    • Improves overall efficiency of the system
    • Extends life of the battery
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Smart Battery Charging units

  • Overcome shortcomings of the current charging units
  • State-of-the-art & Multiple Smart Charging Stations
  • Compact Aerodynamic Design
  • Smart Diagnostics with AI predictions and recommendations
  • Seamless integrations with all existing Payment Solutions
  • Available in various voltages
  • Customizable to meet global industry requirements
  • Meets all Safety Standards
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Delivering on promise & continuous improvement in all areas of operations

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